Smart Electrical Technology Specialists

Will I need to hire an electrician?

No- we have our very own fully qualified electricians. We are regulated by the NICEIC.

Will I be charged to get a quote?

Not at all, until you have accepted our quote the service we offer is free

Do you only operate in

Nope, we can work anywhere in the UK if required.

What if I have a problem or 
want to change something in my  system?

No problem at all- we can do 90% of problem solving from our office using remote configuration.
We can also make changes remotely.

Are the systems difficult to use?

No- the systems are designed to be intuitive and self explanatory. We design them to suit your needs and then explain all the functions to you.

Do the systems work in a commercial setting?

Indeed they do, we have systems that are dedicated to the working enviroment. Saving time, energy and money. Creating a more efficient environment.