Smart lighting

Smart Electrical Technology Specialists

Light up your life 
and your home

Yes its true you can buy off the shelf products that you can control your lights with but people find as they add more and more devices things start to get a bit clunky!

So what can we offer? Our systems are completely programmable!
Any button on any keypad can control any light in the house. Red, Green, Blue, White….you choose! Whats more is we can program these buttons to operate multiple lights at once… set the perfect scene for the optimum ambience. You can even turn all the lights off at once when you are in bed. All of these functions will be added to the mobile app so you can control lights from pretty much anywhere!

Sound good?

Heres a list of some of the devices we install….

Fiber optic ceiling
Mood lighting
Wall keypad
Smart controls
Dimmable light
Lighting scene controller
Relay Light
Led lights
Mosphet dimming
Strip light